7 Holiday Health and Safety Tips

graphic of two round christmas ornaments
  1. Wash hands often to keep from spreading germs and getting sick.
  2. Bundle up and stay dry to keep warm. Dress in several layers of loose ­fitting, tightly woven clothing.
  3. Manage stress. Keep a check on over­ commitment and over­spending.
  4. Get exams and screenings. Ask your physician what exams and tests you need to help find diseases and conditions early or before they start.
  5. Get your vaccinations. Vaccinations help prevent diseases and save lives.
  6. Stay moving. Find fun ways to stay active, such as dancing to your favorite holiday music. Adults should get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most or all days of the week.
  7. Eat healthy. Choose fresh fruit instead of candy, or select just one or two of your favorites from the host of tempting holiday foods.

Source: cdc.gov