Bite-Size Candy Corn Facts & Fun

canva image of a bowl of candy corn candy with an orange pumpkin and ghost decoration

Invented in the late 1880s by George Renninger, the sweet treat originally named “chicken feed” was manufactured by the Wunderle Candy Corn Company in Philadelphia. Due to the kernels’ unique layers of yellow, orange, and white, the original creation process was very costly and time-consuming, however, over 100 years and a name change later, the holiday favorite is currently mass produced by Jelly Belly Company and Brach’s.

Celebrate Candy Corn Day on Oct. 30:

  • Fill a large jar with candy corn (make sure you know how many pieces you’ve added) and ask friends and family to guess the number of pieces. Award the jar to the person with the closest answer.
  • Use candy corn as markers for bingo.
  • Make a candy corn inspired craft, i.e. paint jars or flower pots in three colors.
  • Use candy corn as a seasonal décor in vases, candles, or votives.
  • Make a dessert (cupcakes, cakes, popsicles, or gelatins) look like candy corn by layering three colors.
  • Make a batch of cookies or trail mix and add some candy corn for a colorful seasonal treat.