Candy Month

Candy can be traced back to 2000 B.C. Egyptians created candy by combining honey with figs, nuts, dates and spices. Sugarcane was used by the Chinese to sweeten ginger, licorice root and nuts.

National Candy Month was started by the National Confectioner’s Association as a brand new way to advance and promote candy, chocolate, gum and mints.

The first appearance of lollipops come from archaeological digs thousands of years old. A piece of dried fruit stuck to a piece of wood with honey formed the early treats. In 1908, George Smith created the lollipop sweet we know today. He named them after his prized horse, Lolly Pop, and patented the name in 1931.

Many of us remember going to the local dime store and picking out our favorite candies. Whether you like the hard-to-find, old-fashioned candies of yesteryear or other favorites in the candy aisle, take time to treat your sweet tooth and celebrate National Candy Month