Celebrate National Hobby Month!

group of seniors smiling during a painting class

Did you resolve to start a new hobby in the new year? Well that’s perfect, because January is National Hobby Month!

Many of us may find that we have more time on our hands as we get older, and picking up a new hobby may be a great use of this extra time.

One option could be a practical hobby, such as crafting and fitness, which are great for boosting self-esteem by giving a sense of achievement and pride.

Another option would be leisure hobbies like reading and playing games that help to keep the brain active, therefore reducing the risk of mental decline. Most importantly, your new hobbies should provide whole lot of fun!

Online Fitness Classes for Seniors – If you are interested in getting physically fit, but have no interest in going to the gym, YouTube.com has lots of great free options for health and fitness classes.

Crafting – Whether honing your craft or learning to sew, needlepoint, quilt, or paint, these practical hobbies provide a feeling of accomplishment. You can always gift your finished creation to friends, family, or to those in need!

Games & Puzzles – Crosswords, cards, and jigsaw puzzles and are great hobbies! Did you know January is National Puzzle month? However, recent trends show that more people over the age 55 who own tablets and smart phones enjoy the mental stimulation of online games!

Having a hobby or two is great! Which hobbies could improve your life in a meaningful way?