Cool & Easy Paper Fan Craft

image of a variety of colorful paper fans

These colorful paper fans are simple, fun, and easy to make and can keep you feeling cool and refreshed on a hot summer day.


  • Construction or scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue, tape, paperclip
  • Optional: Stickers, markers, or other decorative materials


Start by selecting your colored or patterned paper. Choose a size that is suitable for making fans, such as 8.5 x 11 inches.

Horizontally, fold the paper accordion-style, making 1-inch wide folds. Continue folding back and forth until the entire paper is folded. You should have approximately 11 sections.

Once the paper is completely folded, press it down firmly to create firm creases.


Decorate the fan by adding stickers, drawings with markers, or any other decorative materials you have on hand. Get creative and personalize each fan.

Pinch all 11 sections together at one end and add glue dots together, or wrap trap around the bottom, or secure with the paper clip or two for your handle.

Enjoy your creative with a self-made breeze with a gentle wave.