National Cherry Pie Day

close image of a slice of warm cherry pie on glass plate

On February 20, we celebrate what is often referred to as the “great American dish,” the cherry pie!

The original version of the cherry pie, came over with the very first English settlers of the United States. Oddly enough they used long narrow containers called “coffyns” made of flour, water and fat, to hold the cherry filling while it cooked, and would often throw out the coffyn after eating the filling, thinking of it more as a medieval Tupperware.

It wasn’t until the American Revolution when sugar became more accessible that the traditional coffyn recipe was retired, and the more delicious sweet dough was given the name “crust.” With all that work, it only makes sense that it was best to eat the whole pie going forward!

There are many delicious and fun ways to celebrate National Cherry Pie Day. Host a cherry pie exchange party. Instruct your guests to bring a cherry pie dessert. Order a specialty cherry pie from a local bakery, bake a batch of mini cherry pie tarts, or share your favorite cherry pie recipes with family and friends for a simply sweet afternoon.