National Siblings Day

two mature women cooking happily together in a kitchen

Our siblings are our family, and they can be a huge part of our lives – which is why we celebrate them on National Siblings Day every April 10! It’s important to acknowledge having a brother and/or sister because, after all, they can be your first best friend. Siblings can encourage us to be the best version of ourselves,. They may embarrass us at times, but they can also be our biggest motivators and competitors. As we get older, we begin to develop new relationships and careers, and often no longer share the same household. It is important to keep that special bond, so below are a few tips on how celebrate this fun holiday:

  1. Send personalized cards and gifts to them.
  2. Share childhood memories to cherish the relationship.
  3. Make new memories by taking photos with goofy shirts and/or themes.
  4. Spend the day playing sibling games.
  5. Go out to eat.