November is the Perfect Time for Family Stories Month

grandmother sitting with granddaughter on her lap reading a book

Preserve your family history by writing family stories this November! As your family makes plan to gather for Thanksgiving, let everyone know about Family Stories Month and that it would be wonderful if everyone came prepared to share something!

Especially encourage older family members to think about their children when they were young, their own childhood, or even stories they may remember from their parents. With only a little effort, you can be hearing about things that happened over a century ago.

Get the younger family members involved too! While the stories are being told, give them papers and drawing materials and ask them to make pictures of the scenes they will hear unfold. You can have the older ones label the drawings and then gather them together with ribbon. This way each family can take home their personal family album.

This collection of stories could be crafted into a scrap/storybook, or social media video that becomes a priceless family keepsake to share, add to, and reminisce over for many generations.