Online Safaris and Underwater Adventures

mother panda playing with baby panda in a zoo enclosure

What is your favorite wild animal? Elephant? Lioness? Or maybe it’s a penguin? Have you ever wondered how long sea turtles live? Or know that otters use “tools” to eat their food?

Watch your favorite animals through live webcams, explore habitats, learn about diets and discover underwater ecosystems and species from around the world by taking an online zoo safari or deep-sea aquarium dive from the comfort of your own home.

Start your exploration today at the following zoos and aquariums. If you don’t see your favorite listed, be sure to google additional locations. Some of these sites also offer at-home activities to keep the fun going!


Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute. Watch the giant pandas, cheetah cubs and more.

Detroit Zoo. Grab a dose of “Virtual Vitamin Z” with educational online videos and live habitat cams.

San Diego Zoo. Hang out with apes, elephants, koalas, tigers and more.


Shedd Aquarium. Learn about how the Shedd rescues and rehabilitates endangered species.

Monterey Bay Aquarium. Meet their new African penguins or watch a live cam of rescued otter pups.

These online encounters are not only educational and entertaining to watch, but they also may offer a relief from boredom, overeating and anxiety, so go online and learn some new fun facts about your favorite animal or sea creatures.