Peanut Butter Lovers Snacks

pile of unshelled peanuts

Classic PB & J Sandwich – Spread your favorite bread with your favorite peanut butter and jam/jelly and enjoy! Don’t like jelly? Skip it and eat it open face or try it with honey or marmalade.

Elvis – Try peanut butter and banana sandwiches for a nice and healthy alternative. Elvis Presley was known to like his fried. Feeling adventurous? Add a slice or two of cooked bacon for a savory delight.

Ants on a Log – Cut some celery into 4 inch sticks, smear some peanut butter on to the celery, and add nuts or chopped fresh or dried fruit.

Fall Favorite – Slice and de-core your favorite apple and use peanut butter as a dip. Make it extra yummy by adding 2Tbsp honey or caramel sauce.