Pet Therapy with Tinsley

Pet therapy started some time ago at the facility. Our current pet therapy animal is Tinsley, a rescue cat. She has been in our facility for 2 years and is owned by our Restorative Aide Lisa Walters. Tinsley is was rescued at 2 weeks old and had to be bottle-fed by Lisa and the residents. Not expected to live, she made a miraculous recovery. Lisa says “Tinsley survived due to all the love and care that was given by the staff and residents. She is now certified as an emotional support animal that comforts or sick and encourages our therapy residents.

Tinsley travels in style as she is rolled down the hall visiting on her rollator walker all decked out with dresses, bells, and colorful collars. We love Tinsley and all the joy and smiles she brings both to the residents, staff, and family members.