A National Day of Service and Remembrance

close up image of American Flag on top of a September 11 memorial

Saturday, September 11, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks in New York City.

Also, known as Patriot Day, it is a tribute to nearly 3,000 lives lost or injured, as well as an opportunity to honor first responders and defenders of our nation’s freedom.

An annual ceremony takes place at Ground Zero where the World Trade Center was rebuilt; now the tallest building in the Western hemisphere, with the largest man-made waterfall and two sunken pools, the footprints of the original Twin Towers. The commemoration includes a reading of names and six minutes of silence: two minutes for the moments each tower was hit, two minutes when each fell, one minute for the Pentagon crash and one minute for the crash of flight 93. The commemoration recognizes the hope, resilience and unity of the United States.