December is Handwashing Awareness Month

image of a person washing their hands at the bathroom sink

With more gatherings and social interactions during the holidays, the risk of transmitting viruses and bacteria increases. Here are five ways to make your holidays healthier:

Prevent the spread of illness: Handwashing reduces the risk of transmitting germs and infections, which can be especially crucial during holiday gatherings when people are in close contact.

Protect vulnerable individuals: Many holiday events involve older adults, young children, or those with weakened immune systems, making hand hygiene vital to safeguard their health.

Food safety: Proper handwashing helps prevent foodborne illnesses, ensuring that holiday meals are safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Reduce stress: Staying healthy means you can fully enjoy the holiday season without disruptions caused by illness.

Set a good example: Practicing good hand hygiene can influence others to do the same, contributing to a healthier holiday environment for all.