Embroidery Month

picture of embroidery supplies like multi colored thread and pins

Embroidery is a craft most notably mastered by the early Egyptians, as well as the Chinese in the Zhou Dynasty of China. Studies show that this art may have also existed in primitive cultures in many parts of the world. From generation to generation, the art of stitching has evolved and reached a new height in popularity among hobbyists.

Most of the time, embroideries are made for use in clothing and other household furnishes. In the early days, the type of embroidery and the fabric that was used indicted a certain economic level relative to society. While this craft is now more accessible today than ever, it remains as a productive hobby all the same.

All types of embroidery started with hand embroidery. From this, people have invented so many other techniques such as machine embroidery, weaving, cross-stitching, and many more. Today there are millions of hobbyists that are fond of hand embroidery. To get started, all you need is a thimble, fabric, thread, a pattern, and a variety of needles!