Get Crafty During Craft Month

image of two colorful origami cranes

Whether you already paint, knit, quilt, woodwork, or crochet, try some of these other creative projects throughout the month. Ask family and friends to join you for a fun afternoon of arts and crafts.

Painted Rocks: All you need are some small flat rocks, acrylic paints, and a paintbrush. Get creative! Smiley faces. Bright, colorful doodles. Uplifting messages.

Handmade Greeting Cards: Design handmade greeting cards using cardstock, markers, stickers, and other embellishments. Send them to friends and family.

Paper Plate Crafts: Explore various crafts using paper plates, such as creating sun catchers, masks, or decorative wreaths.

Easy Origami: Follow simple online tutorials. Folding paper into various shapes, such as cranes or boats, can be a relaxing and a wonderful way to engage fine motor skills and creativity.

Button Magnets: Repurpose old buttons to create charming magnets. Select colorful, discarded buttons and glue small magnets to the back.

Decorative Paper Flowers: Create beautiful paper flowers using colorful construction paper. Cut out flower shapes and petals, layer them, and glue them to stems made from pipe cleaners or wooden dowels.