Give a Gift Made from the Heart

snapshot of woman's hands knitting

Gift-giving is a beautiful expression of love and appreciation, and creating homemade gifts adds an extra touch of warmth and personalization. Handmade gifts not only showcase creativity but also demonstrate the time and effort invested in creating something unique and thoughtful. On December 3, celebrate National Make a Gift Day. This unofficial holiday encourages people to get creative and make gifts with a personal touch for their loved ones. Here are some ways to celebrate:

  • Draw or paint something frameable as a keepsake
  • Create a photo album, personalized T-Shirt, mug or calendar with memorable and meaningful photos
  • DIY decorative coasters made from ceramic tiles and decorative paper
  • Knit a sweater, scarf, or hat in the recipient’s favorite colors
  • Personalized ornaments or decorative holiday wreaths crafted with natural materials.
  • Bake a batch of cookies, dessert, or favorite recipe!