Large Print Books Make Reading Easy

cartoon graphic of books stacked from largest to smallest

There really is nothing quite like curling up with a fascinating book! For some people, however, reading is a bit more challenging because of vision difficulties. Large print books offer a fantastic solution. They can be read comfortably without having to worry about eye strain.

Books that have a larger size font can allow some seniors to regain their joy in reading. There’s no more straining or shifting the light in the room in order to read the books they want to read. Many new titles are now being released in this format, which is great news for anyone who has trouble reading standard size text.

Another great option that is gaining popularity is e-readers. Not only because the text size and fonts can be adjusted, but because e-readers are lightweight, portable, and most of all, there is an endless collection oftitles available to instantly download with the tap of a finger.