Lego Fun

close up of large colorful Lego blocks

The word Lego is taken from the Dutch for “play well,” or leg godt. Legos are now synonymous worldwide for a toy that many people love to play with – old, young, boy or girl.

Most of us own or have owned a bucket of Legos in their childhood. There’s no denying the fun they provide for a child or even for an adult, which is why many Lego collections are passed down from one generation to the next.

These brightly colored blocks serve to challenge our creativity and imaginations. Feel like a kid again on January 28, Lego Day, by having your own “Lego Masters” competition with friends and family.

Set guidelines for what to build and a time limit or theme for your competition. Remember to be creative and use your imagination, and don’t be afraid to tear down and start again! No matter who wins, you’re sure to build lasting memories with every colorful, connecting block.