National Unplug Day

Image from canva of a multi plug outlet with the word "unplug"

On March 3, embrace a peaceful respite from the digital world on the National Day of Unplugging by connecting with loved ones in meaningful ways.

Outdoor or Nature activities: Plan outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy. This could include a nature walk, lawn games, bike ride or gardening. Too cold to be outside? Start an herb garden or plant starter bulbs inside.

Board Games and Puzzles: Grab a board game or puzzle that the whole family can play or do. This can be a great way to engage in friendly competition and stimulate the mind.

Mindfulness and Relaxation: Practice mindfulness activities together, such as meditation or gentle yoga to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and encourage a sense of calm and well-being.

Music and Singing: Enjoy music together. Whether it’s listening to old records, playing musical instruments, or even having a silly karaoke session, music can bridge generations.

Remember, the key to unplugging is less screen-time in an environment where everyone feels engaged and connected.