The Gift of Sight Month

woman with dark green eyes peeking through dark green leaves

During December it’s time to count our blessings and truly cherish the gift that is our sight. As we age, sight can become something of a difficulty, as our glasses become thicker with every new prescription, but what can we do about that?

Gift of Sight Month was designed to help open our eyes to the importance of eye health, and what we can do to keep that gift for as long as possible.

Routine eye exams are important! Before you roll those beautiful unique eyes, consider the fact that a lot of eye diseases do not give warning signs that are obvious to those without medical training. Get your peepers checked once a year to avoid, or catch early any eye troubles that come your way.

You don’t need your hindsight to be 20/20 when you come armed with the knowledge that there are at least 2.2 billion people who are blind or have a vision impairment, and of those people at least 1 billion could have been prevented or has not been treated!

As this is the season of giving, give your ophthalmologist a call and set up an appointment today. You’ll see that this simple action will ensure you ring in the new year with a favorable outlook!

Source: WHO