Embrace and Celebrate Happiness in the New Year!

Resolve To Be Happy – Instead of resolving to do things that can cause you stress, this new year, why not resolve to be happy?

Celebrate what makes you happy – Is it your family? Taking time to golf, play piano, watch movies, or other leisure activities such as crafts, painting, or reading? Maybe it’s a hobby you haven’t returned to in years? Take a few minutes to make a list of all your happy things.

Learn what makes you unhappy – There are any number of things that can make you stressed, angry, sad, or otherwise unhappy. Take a moment for some serious self-reflect and write down things in your life that make you unhappy.

Resolve to make a change – Choose one of the items from your unhappy list and resolve to fix that situation. Simply minimizing your interactions with things that stress you out is one way to solve things. Reach out to family members, friends, or a health care provider for help, advice, and support. Instead of staying in a rut that gets you down, prioritize yourself and embrace happiness!